Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Final Countdown

This is IT. The wedding week. The anticipation is killing me! I've made it to the "Next" in-line list on KK Blog. Alo BTB on the same wedding day! To finally see this, is making all the wedding even more real. (Ape logik entah. Not that it wasn't in the first place?!) Lol.

So far, 2 days of bangun-tido-bangun-tido nights. Stres beb. There is something wedding-related thing to do everyday, all scheduled out already. Where did all the time went?! *Faints*

Im just going to list out things happening so far. 

1. Berkat packing
Had my minions to help out! Ignore my sister's crazy hair and irrits face. LOL. 2 friends, Ain and Sarah, and also my cousin, Nadiah, came over to assist. Cray cray factory line. All got potential to become minah kilang already. HOHO.

2. Tables and chairs
They have arrived under the block! Glad that the wedding reception is under the opposite block. I can stand at the kitchen window ALL DAY LONG, kalau dah takde keje lain kan, to look at the decor. HAHA. So fast! They placed it there on Monday. 

Living in a community of health enthusiast. Healthy lifestyle. Bagus, bagus. 

3. Final fitting(!!) 
Fittings, choosing of accessories, being "tortured" by the corsets. Yes! Done! Can't wait to be dolled up. No pics of outfits. A surprise! Must wait after wedding day. Muahaha.

4. Delegation Of Jobs
So, just hours ago, the adults came over to see how things are going. Alhamdulillah. All has been smooth sailing. Can't thank enough for that. So, gave out itinerary. Insyaallah, all goes well. I'm so blessed to have such a close knit extended family. Hearts all!

Upcoming To-do-List:
1. Final ngaji session for khatam Quran
2. Get dulang-dulang hantaran ready
3. Henna Nite
4. Henna for sedara
5. Make bunga rampai and bunga telur
6. Get house ready for Nikah

The list goes on and on and on.. OMG. Final kopek already. JIA YO!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Cake Mania

Its 17 days to the wedding and I just, I repeat, I JUST ordered my wedding cake. 
OMG. I pray all turns well. So the best friend, Diyanah, ordered it from Nur Three Creations. She said I was able to have whatever cake design I want. Why never tell me sooner?! Could have Googled or berangan about it more. HAH. Never mind. Breathe. There is still time. Hoping there was still 100s of days to the wedding. Denial tahap maksima.

So I had a vision in mind. Cheh. Step David Tuttera- Brides have some visions but he will do some re-vision. I knew I wanted a 2-tiered white cake with lace details and cascading flowers.. or butterflies? Whichever way, something cascading down lah. Kalau waterfall nak? Siap dengan pine trees and canoe lagi. Muahaha.

Anywayssss, get ready for some cake mania!

Look at all the gorgeous cakes and flowers! To die for right. Wow. I love the last one with the crazy ass amount of flowers! Maha penuh lah Cik Kak oi. Suker sekali! But I think it will also make my "penuh" wallet even emptier than it already is. Le sigh.

So with the help and suggestions from the best friend, my choice is

A combination of these 2 lovely cakes!

Going to have the floral arangement and lace details like the left one. But with the black trimmings and type/colour of flowers like on the right. Rose is not my thang yo. So instead, red and white peonies! CANTIK SEKALI PLEASE! Tanak makan boleh? Simpan forever, cantik sangat. 

Well, hold your horses girl. It's in the picture only. Hope the real one turns out even better than this. :)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

You make me say, I DO

It's 11.48pm now and actually I'm really sleepy but heck man. School's out yo! No more whiny kids, no more lesson planning and endless of homeworks to mark. BLISS. YEAY.

Finally, the fiance and I can finally give our fullest attention to the wedding preps. So, manage to borrow bedding set for the wedding from my best friend, Diyanah aka my MOH, maid-of-honour. Our folks were against it initially coz ya lah, beli sendiri punya. Hari raya boleh pakai lah. Aiya, no need lah. How do you sleep on something so shimmery, glittery with sequins? Heh?! Nak golek-golek pun tak boleh kan. Anyways, the one that I borrowed is ah-may-zengggg! I would say the best friend definitely has good taste with things. Can always trust her judgements.

Other than that, I too have jumped the bandwagon on getting Avalon Thickening  shampoo and conditioner thanks to all BTBs recommendation. #masalahrambutpompantudung

So, what more to kick start the holidays by meeting my dearest NIE babes; them who threw the best bachelorette party. It was one of their birthdays. Ate at Orange Lantern at Killeney Road. Vietnamese food. Hmm.. the food kinda meh. Doesn't seem to taste like the ones we had at Vietnam itself. Not my bowl of pho (cup of tea. hoho).

Oh yes, these are my travelling buddies as well. Sadly, that had to be put on hold due to wedding financials. Sobs! I took the opportunity to make them something as an appreciation gift and also finally give them my wedding card. Got the idea of doing a pop-up message ala-ala proposal from the net and tadaa, a Bridemaid Proposal Gift. Turned out awesome possum lah guys! 3 hari, 3 malam buat ni okehhhh. Kerja keras tau! Till even the brother requested for 1 pop-up message to be given to his "future" girlfriend. (Note: Non-existent at this moment. LOL)

Alhamdullillah! They loved it! Screaming, laughing, squealing. "Will you be my bridesmaid?" You girls will surely make me say, I DO. :)

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Down Under

Down Under? Not Australia. HAHA. But going Brazilian, Brazilian Waxing.
Disclaimer: Nothing cringe/graphic-worthy. Just a take on my experience. 

Muahaha. It was an INTERESTING experience. I've been thinking on how should I post this, and I figured this hush hush topic is worth sharing. My first time. Something I've been wanting to try and what a better time before the wedding. Hehehe. Suker eh dier. 

So, I was waiting for any deals on coz if you walk in any shops, you would find that it cost at least 50 bucks? GASP. Mahal nah bende ni. Ape citer kan mahal sangat. Yeaps, you can get loads of cheaper ones on deal sites.

Grabbed this one. 15 bucks! Cheap cheap. A small spa, IBeauty, mainly ran by Malaysian and China female beauticians. My initial thoughts when I stepped into the shop after setting an appointment was, "Why am I doing this again?! Scary? Awkward? Confirm pain! OH NO!!" So, the session began. I was beyond nervous and alamak, awkward kapeeeee. Making small talks with the beautician. A China one, speaking English was a bit impossibru. Thank god she covered my eyes with a small towel. How else would I look at her while she's... busy down there. HEH.

Anyways, brace yourself if you were to give it a try. SAKIT NAK MAMPOS LAH. Things we girls do for beauty. Crazy, I know. Tsk. Basically, she uses hot wax and then stick a strip and one-two-three, RIP IT! Minta ampun please. So painful until you will terduduk one when she's stripping the wax or more like ripping it off. Excrucuating. Felt worse after each strip. I would say around 6-8 strips in total were sacrificied in the war zone down under. HAHA.

The session lasted about half an hour. Not too long. THANK GOD. When it was over, I was expecting to be presented a medal or a congratulations!-you-didnt-die certificate. LOL. I survived! And as the beautician said, "important for us girls not just to have a pretty face, but must be pretty THERE too." MUAHAHAHA.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Bridal Chamber

So, the hiccup has finally tide over. Phew. At last I can update about our bedroom.
And our bedroom at my house is 80% ready! The journey of our bedroom was a loooong one. It all started from the day he proposed, which was last year March and yes, after.. 1 and a half year (OMG?! I know), the room is ready. Lamer benar yer. Buat BTO pun lagi cepat siap. Hah!

Why it took so long? Here's comes the story. The room was initially a study cum recreational room when my family first shifted to Woodlands. That rec room didn't last long. It was mostly unused.  So, the family, starting dumping all sorts of used/ unused items in the room. It became a freaking storeroom. Sofa, almari, dining table (!!), etc. *Gasps*

Stage 1: Clearing. The clearing began when we decided to stay at my house after the wedding. Determined I was to clear the room. Macam nak pengsan boleh.

The crazy mess. And this is only half way through. Should have taken the way initial state of the room.

Stage 2 & 3: Wiring, paint job. Up till recently only, the room was "magically" cleared. Seriously, buang je, buang je! Mummies have a thing with "simpan je. Sayang." New fan and plugs were installed. My birthday tv got mounted too. Yipee! Painting job began after Hari Raya. From green to...

Blue! Wasn't so sure about the fiance's idea of having the trimming to be dark blue as well. Macam style rumah lama-lama kan. But, I must say, it turned out superb!

Stage 4: Delivery of furniture. This was where the hiccup happened. OMG. The mattress, purchased from one of the Sungai Kadut warehouses, came promptly. The problem was the bedroom set from Malaysia. No call, no confirmation when it was coming. Called them multiple of times and they said they will get back to us but they didn't budge for 2 weeks. Imagine, THE HORROR. Sumpah, takut okeh.

Finally, alhamdulillah! They arrived last Friday. It was nice and absolutely perfect! Buying in JB is wayyyy cheaper (like about half the price of a regular bedroom set in Singapore. Serious, tak bedek.) but worth the worry? Scary definitely.

Stage 5: Air-con installation. Another headache, I swear. Shall not burden with the air-con story. Too many technical terms. Basically, we can't use the regular one. So, the options remaining was window casement air-con or air cooler. Urgh. Both also tak berkenan please. 

The air-con guys are coming tomorrow. So, let's see how it turns out. 

Anyways, so glad good progress has been made. Really thank the support of my parents for getting an electrician and painter for these jobs. Blessed. :) Let cheong like mad all the wedding preps my fellow BTBs, okeh!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Here and There

Time ticking by so slowly at work. Term 4 is a total drag. Way too tired in school. Can't seem to have the strength to go Amore. :(

On a brighter note, wedding cards are ready! Here begins the collection of address. So surreal and so real seeing your own name!

Flower booches for my cousins and close friends!

Been wanting to blog about the bridal chamber ahem, bilik pengantin ler. But, there has been a hiccup recently and the room is not ready. So, let's wait and see. Thank god, I had been preparing that room for the longest time. So, there's 2 months more. Don't panic, YET. 


Sunday, September 8, 2013


Going JB in 15 mins time and so while waiting for the fiance to fetch me, I'm going squeeze in a quick update. Sempat eh. 

75 days more! MasyaAllah! 
Its finally the start of September holiday = more wedding preps. Seriously, a never-ending job. Yesterday, we got LOADS of shopping done. Went to King Koil Sale at Sungai Kadut. Y'all should go. Sale is till tomorrow. Bought pillows, bolster, covers, bed linen and protectors. 

Of course, the main thing we needed was a mattress. Manage to grab one at an extremely good deal at one of the warehouses nearby King Koil. So many kind to choose from. Spring-pocket lah, integrated spring lah, cotton cover so nanti tak panas lah. Too much makcik talk going on. HAHA.

First time at Sungai Kadut warehouses. Sales and cheap prices everywhere! OMG. A haven for home furniture. Went to Comex even after that. Told ya LOADS of shopping.Got his hantaran laptop at a good deal too and also harddisk.

All in all. Good shopping. I'm dying for the preps to end. All I see is monies flying out. Le sigh.
*chants: It's ok. What's abit of spending in comparing to marrying the love of my life!*